HC Italia srl

Urology and Gynaecology

HC Italia is an Italian company established in 2009 operating in the medical field. It designs, manufactures, commercializes, imports and distributes medical equipment and devices devoted to Urology, Gynaecology and Pediatric use.

HC Italia is specialized in the production and sales of urodynamic equipment and accessories. It also distributes disposable products and devices for the rehabilitation of pelvic floor and bladder scanner.

Thanks to a professional team with different skills and backgrounds, HC Italia can provide high quality services to its customers and to provide effective solutions in a constantly evolving market.

Due to staff’s enthusiasm, their teamwork ability and their professional commitment, HC Italia is a fast-growing company constantly looking forward to new markets and opportunities.

Urodynamics & Diagnostics

A diagnosis focused on pathologies for the lower urinary tract

HC Italia has for years been a manufacturer of advanced urodynamic systems (MAESTRO) and top quality wireless uroflowmeters (GIOTTO). These devices allow a targeted analysis for a complete diagnosis of pathologies inherent to the lower urinary tract. Our devices are constantly evolving, in order to provide only the best to our customers and satisfy their needs.

The simplicity of use of the software, the intuitiveness of use of our tools and the solidity of our systems make our products unique in their kind.

Rehabilitation & Probes

The alternative to surgery

The toning of the pelvic floor allows the patient to better support all the organs present at the level of the lower urinary tract, in order to prevent, eliminate or limit problems of incontinence due to the prolapse of these organs.

HC Italia provides first level medical instruments to assist the patient in the rehabilitation of the various sectors, through safe and effective devices. Over the years we have been committed to finding the best products, which would allow greater comfort and maximum results for the patient.

Bladder scanner

How to prevent complications from catheterization

The Bladder scanners allow the post-urination residue to be assessed completely non-invasively following a urodynamic examination, alternatively to bladder catheterization. This procedure allows you to diagnose any post-urination retentions, providing a more accurate and safer analysis for the patient.

Hc Italia supplies first choice bladder scanners, the use of which becomes an important and fundamental aid for any urolologist or gynaecologist.


For simple and safe procedures, without the risk of infections

HC Italia provides its customers with disposable devices for first-class urodynamic applications, which are simple to apply and intuitive to be used.

This consumable includes catheters (both abdominal and bladder), allowing the user to choose whether to carry out a normal pressure-flow study or an examination with urethral pressure profile, pump tubes and non-return valves, extension lines , electrodes for electromyographic investigations and our unique transducers.

Covid-19 Prevention

For an easier and faster return to normality

2020 will remain in Italian history as the "Covid-19" year. Unfortunately, this virus has radically changed our approach to the world, imposing various measures to prevent it.

HC Italia wants to supply the latest generation of medical devices for infrared temperature detection, without involving any contact between the parts, and the measurement of oxygen saturation. Such tools are now more fundamental than ever in the battle against the virus.