About us

HC ITALIA specializes in the production and sales of urodynamic equipment and accessories. HC also distributes disposable products and devices for the rehabilitation of pelvic floor, bladder scanner and infants bedwetting alarm.

HC ITALIA started to develop urodynamic systems in 1991. Our team has been among the first innovators to develop PC based urodynamic systems (Urodesk 300 1994), to integrate images and pressure signals, and to introduce wireless communication system (Urobenchmark 2000/P 2000).

Customers feedback is still HC Italia best resource to constantly improve our product line. HC ITALIA products are known well for their semplicity, strength and endurance to avoid any therapy interruption, easy assembly and the elegance of its unique Italian design.


Following the liquidation of the company Si.EM srl, the provision of technical support and maintenance of all equipment, as well as the supply of disposables, they will be performed by the company HC ITALY srl under exclusive contract signed with SIEM