Abdominal Pressure Catheters

The abdominal pressure catheters are made of PVC, with PVC, polyisoprene or neoprene balloon.

The 4,5 ch single-lumen Urodynamic Catheters for rectal pressures are designed for consistent accuracy of peritoneal pressure measurement and maximum patient comfort. These catheters are 200 cm long to ensure that the patient’s bladder can be connected directly to the pressure transducer without the need for additional extension tubing

The catheters are available with or without an introducer.

Alternatively a 10 Ch single lumen rectal catheter with polyisoprene balloon is available.

The double lumen rectal catheter are made of PVC, and are single-use. On product code 200100003 Cystometry lines provide an additional 130cm length.

Catheters can be purchased either sterile or non-sterile

Available Sizes

Code Description CH Length (cm) Boxed
200045001 Single lumen rectal PVC catheters, 4,5 Fr 4,5 200 25
200045010 Single lumen rectal PVC catheters, 4,5 Fr with introducer 4,5 200 25
200045017 Single lumen rectal poly isoprene catheters, 4,5 Fr with introducer 4,5 200 25
200100003 Double lumen rectal PVC catheter 10 38* 10

* Cystometry lines provide additional 130cm length.