Bladder scanner


Device and Diagnostic ultrasound volumetry

Pinit is used for non-invasive measurements of bladder volume, for the diagnosis of basic and measurements of the organs of the lower urinary tract.

Special features:

  • Automatic measurement of the volume of the bladder
  • Semi automatic measurement with the possibility to choose from:
    • Modality Multi-point (unique and excellent method for so-called hard cases and small volumes).
    • Modality outline (using the supplied stylus).
    • Modality 3 axes.
    • Modality Ultrasound - classic 2D method for urology (kidneys and bladder) and abdomen.
  • Touch-screen for easy and fast control of the device.


  • Avoid unnecessary catheterization
  • Reduces urinary tract infections
  • It helps manage incontinence
  • Allows diagnosis and measurements of the bladder and kidneys