Urodynamics & Diagnostics

Anorectal & Esophageal Manometry

Probably the smallest ambulatory recorder available on the market. Different configurations and dedicated software allows the execution of anorectal manometry, esophageal and urodynamics.

A great number of tests carried out in different disciplines and research centers. These have become increasingly important due to the quality of the information made available by current tools. The recorder outpatient Gaeltec is so versatile that it can be supplied in different hardware / software combinations so as to satisfy a wide variety of applications ranging from gastroenterology, urology esophageal manometry and anorectal. The device can be upgraded to meet to its future use. Where can we are able to customize the device according to your specific requirements. Many users have found that our device can be a viable alternative to expensive systems standard.


The device can be used in different ways simply by changing the pressure transducers, cables, adapters and the operating software. The Nanologger has from 1 to 7 inputs and a key event. They can be viewed on the screen up to 8 signals simultaneously.


Optical isolation allows for easy connection to your computer via the serial port to be used in "real time".


The patient simply presses the button in communication with the recorder to schedule a special event in conjunction with a detailed diary.


Data transfer to the PC takes place quickly.