Rehabilitation & Probes


Biostim is a professional system for the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction including: post-partum rehabilitation, urinary and fecal incontinence, prolapse, chronic pelvic pain syndrome, IVES and SANS. It allows the electromyographic or pressure diagnosis of the perineum and the pelvic-perineal electrostimulation.

  • Multifunctional System: the system is equipped with 2 stimulation channels, 2 electromyographic biofeedback channels and 1 pressure biofeedback channel. The 2 independent generators of the electrostimulation channels are able to produce monophasic and biphasic pulses, asymmetrical pulses with adjustable slope and galvanic currents.
  • Easy graphic view: the ergonomic trolley and the size of the monitor allow the patient to comfortably perform the exercises in any position.
  • Versatility and safety: patient has a remote control that is able to stop at any time the functioning of the equipment, while the user may have another remote control that is able to manage all functions of the device.
  • Ease of use: The management software has a database of preset treatments for different diseases. An interactive support guides the user through all stages of the preparation, by providing information on the treatment, on the positioning of the probe and electrodes and on recommended parameters. In biofeedback the calibration procedure, can be carried fully assisted automatically or manually.
  • Customizable: the Biostim software allows the creation of new protocols or the modification of parameters during a treatment.
  • Complete database: The software allows easy insertion of patient data and offers the possibility of filling out the medical history evaluation form. For each patient you can store and see all treatment performed and print the graphs of the exercises done
  • Flexible graphic: the highly customizable software allows the user to create obstacles of different shapes and colors suitable for children and the elderly.

Technical features

  • Voltage: 110/220 VAC
  • Frequency : 50/60 Hz
Electrostimulation channels
  • Input impedance: from 200 ohm to 2 Kohm
  • Pulse currents: 100 V (+10%-20%) max – 100 mA (+/-10%) max
  • Galvanic currents: 50 V (+10%-20%) max – 30 mA (+/-10%) max
Electromyographic Biofeedback channels
  • Passband: from 25 Hz to 330 Hz
  • Sensitivity scale 2 mVcc
  • Gain: 8 from 1 to 128
  • Rejection 50/60 Hz 50 db
Biofeedback Pressure channels
  • Sensitivity range 3 (10 -30-100 mBar)
  • Maximum applicable pressure: 200 kPa