Rehabilitation & Probes

Perisize 4+

Vaginal probe with 4 gold hemispherical electrodes for electrical stimulation and biofeedback

These 4 hemispherical electrodes are each connected to your electronic pelvic exerciser individually via two lead wires giving you independent control of each side of the probe. Thanks to its particular “clamp-like” shape you can have some advantages:

  • You'll find the Perisize easy to insert with a flexible width - it can be squeezed together to make it narrow for easier insertion expanding again when in place
  • The ability to control each side of the probe independently of the other allows you to have the mAs (intensity) higher on the side which you have experienced nerve damage and usually do not feel the stimulation pull of your standard probe.


  • 4 hemispherical electrodes
  • 2 independent channels
  • Very comfortable stimulation
  • 2mm female connectors
  • 20 cm cable length
  • 110 mm total length
  • Weight 16 gr
  • Nickel free