Rehabilitation & Probes


The NeuroTrac ™ PelviTone is a modern two-channel incontinence stimulator with 11 preset programs for urinary or rectal incontinence and up to 3 customizable programs. It can be used to treat a wide range of incontinence problems and it is widely used by physiotherapists around the world. Compact, light and reliable, the NeuroTrac ™ PelviTone is also ideal for use at home, with the possibility of blocking the program chosen by the attending physician. Compatible with all our vaginal, rectal and electrode probes. Its technical characteristics and the possibility of supplying continuous current make it also suitable for use in stimulating the posterior tibial nerve, through the appropriate positioning of electrodes.

Technical specifications

  • Digital 2-channel device
  • 11 pre-set programs
  • 3 customizable 5-segment programs
  • The LCD screen shows the Intensity, Frequency, Frequency Pulse, Time and Treatment mode
  • Treatment duration: selectable from 1 to 90 minutes
  • Constant current (extends battery life)
  • Work / Rest Period: 2 - 99 seconds
  • Frequency: 2 Hz - 100 Hz, Frequency Pulse: 50 µS - 450 µS
  • Alternate or synchronous application between channel A and channel B
  • The lock function allows you to record the usage time and to lock the unit parameters
  • Automatic shutdown after 4 minutes if the device is not in use
  • Easy to use