Rehabilitation & Probes

Myoplus PRO

The new user-friendly interface makes it a self-explanatory unit with interactive learning during operation, including electrode placement, EMG chart execution and many other useful tools.

  • Pre-set programs for incontinence treatment, sports and muscle development, neuro-muscular rehabilitation. Designed taking into account the needs of Physiotherapists, to be used as a portable instrument. Suitable as a personal trainer for use in clinic or home (under consulting).
  • Multilingual screen and voice instructions for Biofeedback. Manual and automatic threshold control. EMG biofeedback between stimulation (indication of muscle activity and fatigue when using muscle stimulation).
  • Stand-alone device or used in combination with multilingual software on PC. Now with Bluetooth connectivity! The unit sends up to 10 meters of wireless data to PC software.
  • Used as a learning tool for both the patient and the doctor with emphasis on improving treatment techniques with the use of EMG and neuromuscular stimulation.

Technical Specifications

  • 1 Channel EMG stimulator (STIM + BFB + ETS + P + A)
  • Single Biofeedback EMG channel
  • Width 0-90 mA
  • Pulse width selection: 50-450 mS (2% accuracy)
  • Pulse rate you selected: 2-100 Hz (2% accuracy)