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The NeuroTrac ™ Continence is a modern two-channel device with 9 pre-set programs for incontinence and 3 customizable programs. The NeuroTrac ™ Continence device can be used for a wide range of incontinence problems and it is widely used by physiotherapists worldwide. The development has made it possible to develop a compact, functional and easy-to-use device.

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for urinary or rectal incontinence:
  • Digital 2-channel device
  • 9 pre-set programs
  • 3 customizable programs in a constant way
  • Possibility of locking the unit
  • Record stimulation times and average current usage

Technical Specifications:

  • The LCD screen shows the Intensity, Frequency, Frequency Pulse, Time and Treatment Mode
  • Treatment duration: selectable from 1 to 90 minutes
  • Work / Rest Period: 2 - 99 seconds
  • Frequency: 2 Hz - 100 Hz, Frequency Pulse: 50 µS - 450 µS
  • Alternate or synchronous application between channel A and channel B
  • The lock function allows you to record the usage time and to lock the unit parameters
  • Battery: PP3 Alkalino, 9V